Friday, 3 September 2010

Of Work, Money, Stress and Friday Nights

In the face of the fact that I've started writing on this domain to catalog my morning, rush hour thoughts, it is pretty ironic that I'm beginning on a Friday night. Anyway, I'm too eager to begin writing to wait for my next rush hour; that's a good whole weekend away. So here goes.
I just got home after a night on the town with some friends from work. Basically, we just ate, drank, fooled around and got back home to our beds. It is only when I crossed my threshold at 12.30 that a thought touched my mind; it had been a long time since I'd had so much fun. Just a few months ago, fun nights were a thing so common that we barely thought twice about planing one, executing it or even after that. We decided to go, had fun, got back home without giving the evening a second thought; always knowing that we'd have another night or weekend round the corner that we'd enjoy.
But I guess with our last University examinations, we turned a corner to find ourselves on a road so long, straight and defined that there was no corner around which to find such fun evenings.
Anyway, let bygones be bygones- I enjoyed my time in college and I guess it'm my turn to start lugging some responsibility as an adult. Having a job was a thrill to begin with but as time goes by, you star feeling the miserable stress tugging at your dark circles, deepening them with every night. Money starts developing this unique quality of simply disappearing from your bank account; money that you put there through your hard work. Time dances away; day after day, week after week and before you know, months are done with and you just look at the calendar and sigh.
Movies release, hit the box office, crash off the screens and you just pass the theater on your way to and from work everyday, wondering when the thing will come on DVD. And even when it does come, it just stands in a long line of 'movies to be seen'......

I guess that is what Adulthood is about after all, isn't it? Taking risks, making sacrifices and all that? Well it does suck at a lot of times. But then along comes a Friday night when you just pull the plug and enjoy a little. And it is as you sip on beer of your earning and eat food you've earned you've earned for yourself, you realize just how far you've come...... and it hits you; in the end, it's all worth it....

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  1. Nice one. Now Im dreading graduation.

  2. @Magiceye: U bet it bites...
    @bkcgenie: don't.... enjoy the college but you'll learn to enjoy work too; especially if you land a job that you love....

  3. adulthood comes in a lot many tyrannical surprises too :P

    thumbs up for buying a domain :D you can make it look more better by customizing it ;)

    or you can just ask..

    plus i hell much needed subscribing buttons in here, im one of readership here. temme wen u put up subscribing buttons etc. im @sepninja on twitter.