About Rush Hour Pages

So let me explain what this is all about. Rush hour; that crucial hour in the morning and evening when all forces unite to ensure that you reach late for work and reach home at all sorts of unearthly hours. It is that time when most of us are in transit; home to work or back or home to college blah blah.
This transit time is one that I spend in a comparatively languishing manner; that is, I do nothing in this time; probably catch a little music. This means that I have more time to think, reflect and ponder over a lot of things; not the way one would when on a trek but nevertheless, it is a thoughtful time. So I’ve decided to do some quick writing in this time. Not long stories; just my thoughts as I think them on my way to work. Since I have a free domain thanks to Big Rock, I’m gonna share them here. Now these are notes written in a rickshaw on my way to work so they’re gonna be really short pieces. Probably the ones on weekends will be a little elaborate, but otherwise, it will be quick, short stuff.
I don’t know if they’ll entertain; I don’t know what they’re gonna be about! All I know is that just because I don’t have time to update my regular blog, Latent Thoughts in a justifyable manner, doesn’t mean I don’t blog....
So let’s hope my rush hour pages become something nice!
(BTW, This too has been written on my way to work so you get the approximate length of an average piece.)
Got your own Rush Hour story? Share it with me at 'miilee@rushhourpages.in' and I'll put it up here!