Monday, 6 September 2010

My Breakup

Before you get ideas into your head let me clarify; I’m not smearing the details of my personal life on the blogosphere. I’m talking of a love affair a little beyond the realm of our usual romantic stories.
For a long time, I’ve had this love affair; anyone that knows me knows of this affair of mine. Right from the time I entered Mumbai three years ago, I’ve been in love with the local trains. It was a classic love at first sight. And this romance of mine has lasted a beautiful three years with the local trains never failing to be enigmatic, mysterious, hard to get yet accommodating, all encompassing, low mantainance, heavy duty etc etc. but of late, I haven’t had the time to travel in a train. Since office is close to home, the transit is via road.
So the only time I see a train is when I cross the railway crossing every morning and evening. This doesn’t seem to be sitting well for a long term relationship. Also the fact that I spend much more time with buses and rickshaws too must be irritating. So I guess this is it. This is the time we say good bye.
But it hurts, you know. I do love the trains but it is my misfortune that I can’t give the relationship any more time. I guess somewhere down the line, we may meet again; give this another shot. But for the mean-while, we’re breaking up.
It is not a pleasant decision, I know. It is difficult to see the trains huff past me at the crossing everyday, looking indifferently and resolutely ahead like they don’t care about me. It is tough, believe me. But it is the wisest choice for both of us....

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