Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Where does it all end?

I guess almost every young person goes through those ups and downs in life; like the one I'm going through right now. Those really low moments when nothing seems to go right; no one seems to care. No friend, no foe no family; no one. There probably comes a time when one feels that if one dies on one's way to work or back, no one would notice till the dead body doesn't start giving off a stench. It is a painful feeling, full of loneliness and a deep sense of foreboding. I feel as unloved and unwanted as a discarded piece of broken furniture in a rubbish heap.

What does one have to do to get people to value oneself? You work hard for people whom you care for, spend hours trying to ensure that what you do today secures their tomorrow. And then those very people hurt you in more ways than one. They abuse you, call you names and label you as irresponsible. What is one to do? What remains to be seen? What is the point of doing anything anyway?

Is it such a big surprise then that so many young people prefer to live by themselves or even not live at all..??

I wonder.....

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  1. Its not just you persons. Everyone goes through ups and down throughout the life.
    Also on "What does one have to do to get people to value oneself?". One has to make choice in life. Are you doing things for others for recognition or because you like to do it. If you like to do it then you can't expect anything back. Although its natural to expect acknowledgment but in personal life it could be dicy. Professional life works on basis of acknowledgment and recognition but we can't apply same stick with our personal relations.
    I am not sure if your case is personal or professional.
    Our parents invest so much in case but see whats happening around, people just dump them. So as parent if I am banking heavily on returns then its me who will suffer. It is instead better just to do and not expect much.

  2. your post reminds me of my phase of life when I had somewhat similar experience. Though initially it hurts a lot, its better to try to forget everything and move on. Wish you come up from your situation soon!

    Hope you like my post - When love calls

    Take care and keep smiling! :)

  3. @Mag: I get your point.... Wrote this is a really low state of mind... but I guess these swings are a part of life..
    @Romeo: Thanks for the comment... I guess all of us go through these patches...